Monday, 16 May 2011

midcentury modern

Just received my copy of the first issue of Midcentury - The Guide to Modern Retro.

Bit small and lightweight - especially the paper - but enjoyable nonetheless.  Had all the usual suspects; Festival of Britain anniversary,  Mad Men and a review of the Robin and Lucienne Day exhibition in Chichester - which I have to get to before it closes!  Came across an old friend, Jane Foster, in the magazine - in truth she is a total stranger to us, but I bought pumpkin a pink screen print of her's about 5 years ago now - and have followed her blog/websites ever since - and as a cherished object,  her print below is part of our family's visual life now.

I have also already bought my ticket for the Midcentry Modern Show - the Spring one was reviewed in the magazine -  photo below.

The next one is in October, to be held down the road in Bristol.  Very excited.  Will need to start saving now!

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