Tuesday, 10 May 2011

eastern european flashbacks

I came across this blogsite the other day - whilst trying to find out more about polish ceramics as I had recently picked up a "Mi" coffee set by Mirostowice.  It had information both on polish ceramics and illustration.


The images below are from the blogsite.

What a fabulous flashback it was to childhood memories of various Eastern European (mainly Czech I think to be fair) animated stories we used to watch on the television - I remember being fascinated by the list of exotic and unpronounceable names that scrolled down the screen at the end of the show - and wondering what life was like in their seemingly strange and far-away-world.

There's a part 2, too


The images above shows the typical brown glazing of the Mirostowice ceramics.  The search continues however,  for more info re my own 1960's "Mi" Mirostowice coffee pot and set.

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