Friday, 1 April 2011

bunting and bunnies

Been busy making bunting, bunnies and cushions for a spring fair this weekend.  It always takes me longer than I think to make anything - I think it's the endless minute decision making that forms part of the process that really does it for me - however I love it when at the end of it all you get to hold something in your hands that has been handmade from start to finish.   I use wherever possible either vintage fabric or upcycle 'preloved' material as they say.  The photos below show some of the work in progress . . .

I've also decided to try out some of my own photographs and print them onto fabric.

Finally - I always smile when it comes time to take out our box of decorations at this time of year - we tend to celebrate the arrival of Spring more so than Easter itself - and as such we have our very own "Spring Family" that come out to join us!

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