Wednesday, 3 August 2011

friends, food and vintage finds

Spent the weekend with old friends from my childhood - and when not blissed out on the big skies of Norfolk -  I ventured into the town of my childhood, where I lived many, many moons ago.   I thought I would visit the charity shops in the far end of town that now boasts a far wider ethnic mix than it ever did - Eastern European, Indian, African, Portuguese - to see what I could find.

However, then comes the endless washing, cleaning and drying of said items.

Most of the above will find their way onto Juniper Retro, my etsy shop, where they can be reloved and rehomed.  This little baby, however,  will be finding a new home with me,  as I love it. 

All in all - a lovely weekend of friends, wine, laughter, beaches, good food and thrifting - what more could one want?

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