Wednesday, 6 July 2011

ceramic markings plus fat lava a-go-go

I keep buying ceramics that I come across - either to sell or because I love them - that have numerical markings on the base.  These are proving nigh impossible to identify - despite the wonders of the internet.  (See how handy the formica coffee table is proving to be!)

I will have to make yet another posting to the fatlava forum for all questions 20th century: 

However, (and ironically considering the forum's name)  I do know the following vase with a numerical markings is a Fat Lava Vase - West German ceramics from the 1950s -1970's - and increasingly collectable - especially the larger more vividly coloured floor vases.   Unfortunately, this Scheurich vase has a small chip on it - and so its not valuable to a collector - but hopefully it will still go to someone who can give it a good home on Juniper Retro - at a price to reflect it's imperfections!

 Also - for those drawn to fat lava so to speak - and why wouldn't one be - another great site 

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