Thursday, 19 May 2011

studio pottery quest

I was drawn to this recently in a charity shop - drawn to it in an "ugly gorgeous" kind of way, if that makes sense.  I know what I mean!  It feels great  in your hands - heavy and textured -  the shape is just right for holding.   When  I turned it over I saw this mark on the bottom.

Not sure if it's a potter's mark - and if so - whose is it? I've googled and not find anything the same.  Ultimately, I'm not desperate to find out whose is it,  as either way it's very happily sitting on the top row of my ercol unit along with it's new found friends.  It has ended up becoming an additional birthday present - the lady at the till didn't have the right change to give me - so big sister stepped in to pay.  Great. 

(p.s. should anyone - who by randomly coming across this blogsite  or otherwise -  recognise the mark - then please do let me know).

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