Tuesday, 12 April 2011

retro poptastic upholstery update

For any of you interested out there,  I thought I'd post up the latest stages of my reupholstering the neighbours discarded 1960's box stool.  As it appears that pumpkin will now be the recipient of the box stool -  "it would be a great craft box mummy" - it seemed fitting to cover it in a glorious riot of late 60's poptastic flower fabric - a tablecloth I found in a charity shops many moons ago.  Very Paul Klee with the upside down flowers, no?

After stripping away the old covering and foam I've reclothed it in a thin layer of polyester wadding to soften the edges just slightly.

The lid has a layer of cotton wadding on it - to pad it slightly -  which is then covered in calico and the top layer of fabric is fitted over that.

All of the above sounds so straight forward - NOT.  The trials and tribulations that have ensued with trying to match up material, avoid using marked fabric and ensuring that the pattern works around and fits the stool as best as it can - has been a major work of attention to detail!  Hopefully however, it will all be worth it in the end.

Only the lining and legs to follow!

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