Sunday, 10 April 2011

picnics and lollipop flowers

A lovely weekend of picnics and then more picnics, of new haircuts and a sense of energy coursing through the veins of both people and plants!

As my little one is now away for a few days I find myself sitting here admiring her creative handiwork - something that I have only just recently got around to framing and hanging on the wall.  Apologies pumpkin.

She wanted to make a picture with "lollipop flowers" on it - inspired by her cushion made by friend and textile artist Chez Williams and my mug made for me by the beautiful (both inside and out) ceramicist Joanna Rose Boyd.

After choosing her fabrics she cut out all the shapes she wanted.  She pieced the picture together using both hand sewing and machine stitching.  She has my old Singer Hand Sewing Machine from 1939 - a great machine for beginners to learn on.

I think she did really well! 

Both Chez and Joanne Rose will be exhibiting at the Bristol Southville Arts Trail 21-22 May. 


  1. i love my handiwork!!!! :)


  2. Banging 10/10